VUTEk superwide print head service

VUTEk / SPECTRA print head alignment Kit suitable for:
UltraVu Solvent: : 150, 2360, 3360, 5330
PressVu: UV 180, PressVu 200/600 & PressVu UV 320/400.

  • Have you had your VUTEk print heads rebuilt or overhauled ?
  • Is your print quality now worse than before but the nozzles are 100% functional ?
  • Can you see a colour haze around the edges of the print ?
  • Have you got Increased UV banding since your print head repair ?

If the Spectra Print head module has been released from the mounting bezel and replaced without correct alignment the result will lower quality print output.

Poor alignment samples:

incorrect nozzle alignment
Head to Head X & Y axis exhibiting incorrect nozzle alignment resulting in colour hazes and poor output quality
nozzle alignment is incorrect causing poor output quality
Colour to Colour X & Y Axis nozzle alignment is incorrect causing poor output quality


We have created unique print head alignment kit suitable for :5330, 3360, 2360, 2600, 150, PV180, PV200/600, PV320/400 that will accurately position the print heads in relation to their mounting to ensure maximum print quality. The kit includes:

  • Precision custom made re usable jig
  • 330ml Of high qualty sealer (enough to seal over 20 heads)
  • Full colour step by step instructions

VUTEk # 1 Kit: PRICE: £199.00 GBP

All parts are subject to VAT and Shipping where applicable

Incorrect assembly of the print heads and heater circuits can result in permanent damage to the Spectra electronics, heater circuitry and VUTEk head driver circuit board. This procedure should only be completed by a suitably trained technician.

We also offer a risk free, speedy repair service including checking the operation of heater circuitry and repairing if necessary.

We can also supply replacment Spectra print head units and heater curcuit components.


VUTEk: 150, 2360, 3360, PV180, PV200/600, PV320 / 400 head removal tool

Simple to use:, select either head adaptor directly to install and add the large adaptor handle to add leverage for removal.
VUTEk head removal kit: £69.00 GBP

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