VUTEk Media belt and vacuum table overhauls

Most flatbed printers suffer with blocked or clogged media belts from overprinting. Media belt cleaning should be completed on at least an anual basis. A blocked or clogged media belt can be responsible for many problems mainly head strikes and other associated issues from lack of vacuum holding the media down. There is also the additional load on the “y” motor and gearbox assembly as there is increased vacuum applied directly to the back of the belt as opposed to passing through the belt to hold the media down. In the case of all VUTEk flatbed printers the usual solution is to replace the media belt, however in most instances the media belt can be removed and recovered at a fraction of the cost of a new replacement.

Vacuum table overhauls should also be completed on a regular basis especially if there has been heavy printing on the media belt. Ink and dust is drawn into the small vacuum orifices and slowly reduces the hole sizes to zero, reducing media vacuum and overloading the vacuum pumps.

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VUTEk Media Belt recovery service
PressVu: PV 180, PV 200/600, PV 320 400VUTEk QS, 2000, 3200 & GS range 

VUTEk Media Table vacuum system overhaul
PressVu: PV 180, PV 200/600, PV 320 400VUTEk QS, 2000, 3200 & GS range

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