Our services include:

  • System inspections advice and reports.
  • System moves including arranging transportation, fork lift hire etc.
  • Engineering support.
  • System breakdowns and call outs.
  • Anti Static kit installations
  • Ink changes
  • System overhauls and servicing.
  • Parts supplies and fitting.
  • PC upgrades and installation.
  • Replacment UV lamp filters
  • Print head installation and calibration
  • Ink Filters
  • VUTEk cariage overhauls and refurbishments
  • We can also prepare your printer for long term down time or sealed for overseas shipping

Vacuum loss on print bed?

Loss of vacuum at any point over the media table can create many problems the worst being head strikes the least being quality issues. Overspray penetrates the media belt and blocks the vacuum points causing teh loss of vacuum.

We can remove (or replace) the media belt and clear the table vacuum holes to restore media control.

Inspection Services

Independent inspection services for:

  • Full printer systems Worldwide
  • Partial systems (RIP stations, parts, spares etc)
  • Dedicated lab inspection facilities
  • Print head inspections on single or multiple print heads, including microscopic inspection

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