Print Head Cleaning & Recovery

Print head rebuild

Print heads can become clogged or damaged and quite often require repairing than replacing at a greatly reduced cost over a OEM supplied replacement.

Most of the time failure of the Spectra Print array is the is responsible for loss of print quality, the rest of the print head assembly components can be re used or repaired as necessary.

We can supply or fit your parts, align the print head (where required), seal and ship back your head ready to print.

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  • Ultra Vu 150
  • Ultra Vu? 2360
  • Ultra Vu? 3360
  • Ultra Vu? 5330
  • PressVu UV 180
  • PressVu UV 200/600
  • PressVu UV 320/400
  • Fusion
  • QS Range
  • GS Range

  • Tempo
  • Expedio

Print head recovery

Digital print heads come in many variations but all have the same function which is to jet ink accurately to the substrate. Over time the nozzle galleries, orifices and ink transfer systems get clogged or partially blocked. Blockages can be caused by a number of reasons from inks through to head strikes.

Many heads can be recovered using the correct procedures depending on the level and type of damage and types of inks used. The average recovery takes 48 to 72 hours depending on the severity of the blockages and type of print head. The recovery process begins with a physical external examination and an initial nozzle flow test to ascertain whether the head is viable for recovery.

Spectra Nova JA256 AAA Nozel Recovery
Spectra Nova JA256 AAA Nozel Recovery

If the head passes the initial inspection stage then the recovery process begins. The recovery process uses various techniques depending on the print head type and inks used. Generally we have an 85% + average recovery rate.

Spectra SL series Nozzle Recovery
Spectra SL series Nozzle Recovery

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