Bespoke High Quality Printers & Superwide Format Digital Print Engineering Specialists

KS Print Services can offer a non-standard sized print that is not restricted to normal substrates and materials. As we offer a full bespoke printing service on plastics, ceramics, glass and so on. In fact we can print on almost any flat material up to 2 meters wide and 50mm deep by as long as needed or is available.

We specialise in printer service, repairs, maintenance, parts and product support for a wide variety of Super wide & Grand Format Digital Printers including:

  • VUTEk
  • EFI
  • NUR
  • HP
  • INCA
  • Keundo
  • Other systems covered

With over 19 years experience in Superwide printer service our aim is to provide personal support to our sector of the printing industry.

  • Printer Repairs, Breakdowns & Service
  • System Moves & Transportation
  • Print Head Rebuilds
  • Parts
  • Customised problem solutions
  • Microscopic inspection of print nozzles
  • Print Head rebuilds
  • System Overhauls
  • Inspection and assesment

Quite literally no job is too big or too small.